This Is Me

I'm Christine. And bios are not my favorite.

I'm a lot of things I guess...wife, mom, sister, daughter, writer, reader, thinker, loudspeaker...but basically, here I'm just another person with a blog.

I might talk about my kids, my work, my thoughts, products, books, whatever happens to be on my mind when I wander in and decide to talk for a bit.

And if you decide to wander in and listen, I would love it.

*Any product reviews that I post are not requested, or known, by the product company unless I specifically state as such within that particular post.  I do not represent any retailers, nor am I compensated for any reviews that I post.  If someone has offered goods for me to review and/or giveaway, I will state the circumstances within the post accordingly. 

If you'd like to contact me about products, or anything at all, really, email me at: