Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disney Princess Water WOW! Activity Boards

If you have a young girl, princess items are almost always a sure win. Over Christmas, my daughter received the Disney Princess Water WOW! Activity Boards as a gift. It's a bit like the AquaDoodle only with pictures and on cardboard.

Cute, right?

We open the package and get started. It's easy to fill the pen, just squeeze it while holding the bottom under water and let go to let it fill. Give the pen a little squeeze and we're off to the races!

The purple end pops off easily to dip the end in a bowl of water

And yes, I do mean races. The combination of a slight pen and tiny 3 year old hands proves that by the time you finish coloring the picture, the top half is already drying and disappearing. So, I take a stab at it. Swiping the pen quickly over the smallest picture, I have it filled in no time. I try a bigger picture. I find I need to keep giving the pen a squeeze to make it wet enough to reveal the photo. When I get to the biggest piece, forget about it. The kids had a great laugh at mom's super speedy skills.

Well, I did it, but that doesn't mean Emma is going to do it. And who is going to be using these, after all? Certainly not me. I like good old fashioned coloring books and crayons.

As for the pen, when you squeeze it to suck up the water, it only fills halfway. And for as quickly as the water is used up, you find yourself refilling it too frequently.

In the end, my daughter took to fingerpainting with the water from the bowl I was using to fill the pen. And because they are cardboard, they are now completely warped.

Not so WOW.

Between the pen issues, the picture drying before it's finished and the warped cards, I'm not impressed. If you are looking for an artistic activity for a girl, I'd suggest skipping this one.

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