Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Mom Blog Tour

During the month of May, Nadia Romanov (@NadiaR13) and I have organized a star-studded Mothers' Day blog tour. Each day a different mom will take the helm at her blog providing a mom-inspired post. We've gathered up some of our favorite women and asked them to join us in celebrating moms for the entire month.

Our first blogger will be Nadia, then I'll be hosting tomorrow. Every post will have a link to the next day's blogger, so be sure to read, enjoy and check for the next place to go. We'll also be posting reminders on Twitter and Facebook.

Our list includes the following fabulous blogs:

Musings By The Light Of The Moon
All About Momsense
Domestic But Not Martha
The Sears Family  
Keeping Up With The Pickles
All Work & No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something
Ode to Blogging
The Bees Knees
The Truth About Motherhood
Anime's Musings
I Love Purple More Than You
Yeah. Good Times.
What Did She Say?
The Adventures of a Dysfunctional Supermom 
My Life As Taz
Momma Findings
The Sweetest
Write On Target
Little Miss Mocha 
Transplanted Thoughts
Leslie Gail's Blog - New Life Focus
Mommy of A Monster
Family Sized Fun
Little Animation
On the Road Less Taken
Go Go Gadget Zen
Memoirs of a Writer
Mother's Gilt
Blog and Vlog Musings
Kelley's Break Room

Enjoy!! And Happy Mothers' Day!!


  1. SO excited for this! Just posted my blog - day #1 of the tour!!

    Thanks so much Christine - could not ever have done this without you!!

  2. The mom blog hop looks like fun. Great idea.