Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

So, it's Mother's Day and I'm thinking I should post. I think I said everything about my kids in the last entry, but I'd like to take this in a different direction.

I was a basically well behaved child for most of my life. However, during that handful of rebellious years, my mother went through a lot of worrying and aggravation. I stayed out all night. I went out when I was supposed to be grounded. I disobeyed. I yelled. I even moved out to live with a boyfriend and his family for a while. I was just as selfish and inconsiderate as a teenager could be.

Through it all, she waited up, she argued, she demanded and she tried to make more rules for every one I broke. She also supported me, loved me and never gave up on me. And after I finally grew up, I realized all she went through while she was dealing with plenty of other issues. We don't realize what our parents deal with in their lives until we become adults with worries of our own. There are bills to be paid, friends and family to help, our health to take care of and jobs to weigh on top of it all.

It takes a long time for the tables to turn and a child to appreciate her mother. I didn't want to be smothered. I wanted to make my own mistakes and learn from them myself. She hated it. But, somehow, I think she understood. And now, after having my own kids, I think she was just grasping for a way to keep me from getting hurt. Isn't that what all mothers want? To keep their kids safe?

My mother took care of five kids. She was a second mother to all our friends. She cooked dinner every night. She helped with homework and attended school functions. Our house was always clean. We didn't have a ton of money, but we had everything we needed. We were a house where board games and outdoor play were encouraged and cherished. She did more for us than I ever realized.

Now, after two kids of my own, I appreciate her more and more every day. Her strength and love for us was boundless. No matter how much we probably drove her nuts, she was always there for us. I love her dearly and I hope she knows that there could never be another mom that compares to her.

***While many would assume I'd post a pic of my mom at this point, anyone in my family knows that is the worst thing I could do. My mom HATES pictures of her anywhere, so posted for all the interwebs to see would be mortifying in her eyes. Instead, I will post a pic of her beautiful mother who was the sweetest, cutest, giggliest (yes, giggle-i-est) lil grandma a girl could have. In our family, we called her Nanny. We lost her only a few months after I had my son 11 years ago and she is desperately missed. Happy Mothers Day and eternal love to you both!

That's me with Nanny!

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