Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Mom Blog

So, when Nadia and I started out this month, we had thrown together a last minute idea hoping for the best. What we got was an overwhelming response and an indescribable group of women that have touched my heart in more ways than I can count. So overwhelming, in fact, that we actually have a few days scheduled in June to fill out the overflow!

Being a mother can be all-consuming. It can be difficult. It can be wonderful. And these women are showing us all the different facets on a daily basis. We've had a military wife, an adoptive mom, a mother of an autistic son, and so many more.

The thing that I have gained most from this experience is that we are all so different, yet so alike. We all struggle, we all rejoice. And having this community of moms to celebrate motherhood has also, I hope, created an additional support system to other moms. We can share our successes and our failures together because we know what it's like.

I am so proud to be a mother of two amazing kids. And even through the rough days when they are yelling and driving me crazy, once I tuck them in bed, I see what a true blessing they are to me. And even without a crystal ball, I know that they are going to be amazing people. My hope is that I will do right by them every step of the way.

Today was actually supposed to be a post by Debra at Write On Target, but she ran into a little snafu in her plans. But, please be sure to check out her blog. She is a writer and is actually a local friend to me.

And if you are just now checking in with the #MayMomBlog hop, please check out the chart that I have listed below to find the ones you've missed. Yesterday's hostess was Carrie at The Sweetest, so any listed after her are our future hostesses.

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